On this page you will learn how to pick the right casino for you, see the pattern of boundries how to control yourself and know when to continue or better stop. This page is also really suited for beginners as we put our experiences to help you avoid typical mistakes and feel confortable browsing through any casino. A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.

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The very beginning: smart gambling

Did you know that people normally make money through gambling? You will note that most people have made huge profits from gambling in the past. Nowadays, online casino have become very popular. You will note that gambling in online casinos can be a lot of fun and can potentially bring a lot of profits. However, if you are a beginner, you need to know a number of tips

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Set boundaries for yourself

It is important that you decide on loss limits and time limits. You should actually set aside some amount of money that you are willing to part with. This can be $50, $100 or even $200.You will realize that players who do not set aside some money for playing usually fall into the trap of gambling to try to win the money back. You might evens spend more money and win little amount of money. You can even end up losing all the money that you have. This can be detrimental. Setting aside the amount of money you want to use is very important. It can help you win more money.

Choose a reliable online casino

You will note that one of the biggest myths about online casinos is that they are considered illegal and unauthorized. However, this is untrue. You will realise that most of these casinos are licensed and usually deal in fair online gambling. It is important that you check the credibility of the gambling site before investing your money there. You can also check the reviews of other people who have used that casino in the past. If they are positive, you can readily consider joining that online casino. You should always register with licensed gambling websites that you can assure you fair gaming options.

Know where your gambling money comes from

You will note that some people usually get tempted to use money meant for everyday expenses. This can be detrimental. Gaming money should only be taken from money set aside for entertainment. In addition, you should not borrow money in order to gamble. If you are borrowing money to gamble, this is an indication that you should be gambling in the first place.

Take breaks

It is important that you manage your time wisely. You should take breaks and do other activities in between gaming sessions. You will note that some people normally wake up in the morning and game all day. This can be detrimental. Your mind is likely to get tired in the process. You should consider paying a little in the morning and then play later in the afternoon. This increases your chances of success. You will note that you can make mistakes as result of fatigue. Taking breaks can help mitigate this problem. Those are some of the important tips that can help you in gambling at online casinos. You should have fun when gambling at online casinos. If you are not enjoying the game, you should call it a day. You can set another day for gaming. The whole undertaking should be fun. This can help you make more money. Consider these tips and you will not regret.

Must Know tips For Beginners

There are more than 500 online casino games, including video poker, online slots, keno blackjack, baccarat, bingo, roulette, and many others added daily. But the biggest concern for new players is whether they can win playing such games online. Gamblers win up to millions of pounds in gambling. It’s amazing how ignorant many people are about the opportunities in the gambling industry. But we can’t blame them, gambling is not like other conventional activity, where everyone participates.

How To Win Online Games

In gambling, the player who can play more rounds is likely to win more money. But if luck creeps in, any gambler can earn a huge amount. As such, online games need self-discipline. A player also has to know when to walk away. Random chance favours the fool is an adage that relates to gambling. As always, the odds are stuck against you, so you should only wager an amount you can stomach to lose. Yes, risking less would mean low returns, but better a half a loaf, right? Risking less helps you manage your bankroll and gives you a chance to find out if you are the next lucky winner. When playing, you have a fair chance of winning, and the prizes correspond to the risk you take. So, don’t second guess yourself. As much as you can make massive amounts on online games, you can equally lose if you don’t gamble responsibly. It is advisable to learn to make better choices, like exploiting bonuses instead of using your own money. Aim to win, but take fewer risks. Always remember to gamble for pleasure and not under pressure to settle your bills. After all, gambling is just a form of entertainment, and you should spend it as such.

Risk Little And Win Millions In Minutes

Online casinos are famous for its hundreds of great games, with lots of bonuses and free games, and huge wins. Games with progressive jackpot pay up to millions of pounds. For example, in 2017, Neil, from Aberdeen, scooped £6.3 million just a few hours after opening his account. He had just deposited £30 and only used £4 on the Hall of Gods game. Gambling on a game has an unpredictable outcome, so it requires you to take a risk. Both you and the casino risk losing your wager. The casinos, though, have a statistical advantage that keeps them afloat in business. Even so, you can still have fun and win money from these online games.

Win Money For Free

Unlike land-based casinos that may not offer welcome bonuses, online casinos have crazy bonuses for new players. You can use sign up bonuses, free spins or deposit bonuses to win real money that you can withdraw and spend normally. If you want to take advantage of the bonuses, you can learn to gamble responsibly. Also, exploit the deposit bonus by depositing funds and increase the money at your disposal for staking.

Want to check before collecting casino bonus

When it comes to claiming casino bonuses, the best way to tell if the offer is legitimate is by checking reviews about the casino and verifying its reputation. If you are not sure whether a casino is reputable or not, read our casino guide to find reviews and ratings for the safest online casinos. Before signing up for any bonuses or promotions, you should always examine the casinos’ attributes. Check for casino licences, software providers, game offerings and payment methods to make sure you are making the right choice.
Here we have listed some essential characteristics to examine before claiming bonuses.

Accepted Countries

Before claiming a bonus, there are two things you should search for. First, check if the casino accepts players from your country. Second, whether welcome bonus and promotions are available where you live. Casinos don’t operate in every county, and even if they do, some bonuses may not be available in your country.


Licensed Casinos

Online casinos without a licence are not to be trusted. Those with a permit have been checked over by a third-party regulatory authority. Once checked, these casinos receive a seal of approval to operate in a determined country.
Several organisations hand out licences including the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. So if you are a UK player, make sure that the casinos you want to play at hold a UKGC licence.

Reputation And Reviews

An excellent way to find reliable casinos is by reading casino reviews. Remember that even legal casinos may get some negative reviews. The best online casinos are ones that have a licence and have lots of positive comments written about them. Stay away from the suspended ones that have received many negative reviews.


Legit Casino Bonuses

You will find lots of online casino bonuses waiting to be claimed. Each one has terms and conditions applied to it. For example, there are always wagering requirements that you must meet before being able to cash out your winnings. Also, you can find that bonuses have set limits. There are restrictions on time and on how much money you can win.
Read through the fine print and contact the customer support team if something doesn’t make sense. UK players should have no problems in finding legitimate casinos. There are loads of law-abiding online casinos that offer exciting no deposit bonuses, and other types of promotions that are worth claiming. However, to be on the safe side, you should always look out for any signs that make you think that something is not right.
Make a few checks, follow the tips outlined in this article, and you shouldn’t have any problems when claiming special bonus offers.

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Wagering requirement

Whether you’re completely new to online casino games or an enthusiast, you must have come across wagering requirements at one casino or the other. The question now is, do you understand the concept of it, and do you know the role/importance it holds in the world of online gambling?
Well, there’s no need to worry any more as you’ll find answers to all your questions in this helpful article. And we will also discuss how to beat wagering requirements and withdraw your wins. So let’s begin.

What Is A Wagering Requirement?

Before we answer that, let us start by explaining what a wager means. A wager is the money or bets that players spend on either online slot, bingo, casino games, table games, and poker game. Whenever a casino offers its players a bonus, it usually comes with a wagering requirement. So, a wagering requirement is the number of times you as a player would need to play the bonus money before you can make a cash withdrawal. Pretty simple right! For every bonus a casino offers its players, some specific rules and conditions must be satisfied by the player. Some of these conditions include a withdrawal limit, betting on a particular game, a number of times the wagering is required, wagering casino bonus, and so on. Many newcomers have a hard time understanding this, so let’s consider another example. <br /> Consider this analogy, when a player signs up on an online casino, the casino offers him bonuses. These bonuses usually are free spins or bonus money (could be £50, £100, 30 free spins or more) depending on the casino. <br /> Now let’s say you’re offered £50 on sign up at this particular online casino and you’re required to fulfil a 20x wagering requirement. What this means is that you’d have to use this bonus money 20 times your bet to be able to cash out your profit. It is when you fulfil all the requirements that the bonus money will turn into real cash for withdrawal. Usually, wagering requirements are attached to specific slot games, and rarely to other table games such as blackjack, roulette or baccarat. You should carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer/ bonus as it will mention which game(s) the requirement applies if any.

How To Calculate It?

This section of the article might be a tad more technical, but it’s essential for your understanding. Now, let’s imagine you found an online casino with exciting bonuses. But if you don’t understand what the wagering requirements mean and how it would impact your bankroll, you could run into problems. Let’s imagine the casino promises to reward you £60 bonus money on your 1st deposit of £20 with a wagering requirement of 5x. And you’re wondering the £60 bonus makes sense for the £20 deposit, but what does the wagering requirements 5x imply. Well, here’s how it works: £60 (bonus money) X 5 (wagering requirements) = £300 Now, what that calculation above means is that you’d have to use your £60 bonus money at least five times. Although you can use it more than five times if you wish and still attain a minimum bonus amount of £300 and meet the wagering requirements. And let’s also not forget you are depositing an initial £20 so the wagering requirements would affect that as well. So, using the same working principle above: £20 (cash deposit) X 5 (wagering requirements) = £400 The above equation means that you’d have to use your cash deposit at least five times (it could be more) to get £400 and satisfy the wagering requirements. And on satisfying the wager, you can withdraw your funds.

Why Are There Such Requirements?

With this calculation above we’re pretty sure you’re wondering why there would be such terms and conditions on the bonus. You may already feel this is a ploy by casinos to get more money from its players. However, it is not a ploy; in fact, there’s a legitimate reason why casinos have wagering requirements. The reason for wagering requirements at online casinos is because the casino needs to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. What this means is that, if online casinos didn’t have a wagering requirement, it would be an avenue for criminals to clean their illegal funds. That means a criminal could steal money from somewhere, deposit it in the casino and withdraw it instantly, making it untraceable. The criminal would walk away with the money clean. But thanks to the wagering requirements, criminals depositing their money at online casinos would be a gamble for sure.

How To Beat Online Casino Wagering Requirements?

We have explained pretty much all you need to know about wagering requirements and how it is calculated. However, is it possible to beat the wagering requirements if it would be in your favour? Yes, it is ! Here is a checklist on what you need to do to achieve this aim - do in-depth research on online casinos bonuses and pick the right casino that would favour you. Read the fine print and make sure the casino adheres to the conditions of gaming authorities. If you’re happy with the casino so far, sign up and have a test run

What are Wager-Free Casino Bonus Offers?

Don’t feel all that discouraged about online casinos just yet. Not all bonus offers from online casinos have a wagering requirement. There are casino bonuses that are wager free, meaning there are no wagering requirements attached to the gift. The real enchantment about this offer is that players can snatch them right away with no delay. Although wager-free bonuses are usually on the smaller side, the bug advantage about it is that you don’t need to make a deposit prior. These wager-free bonuses come in different shapes and size like the wager-free free spins, no deposit bonus offer, and so on. The primary aim of the casinos who offer this type of bonuses is to pull players to the casino. So, whatever wins you make at this type of casino can be withdrawn right away.